Grace. Love. Hope. Acceptance.

Not one of us has a perfect track record. Sometimes circumstances we've created,
or those out of our control, place us in situations where it is difficult to meet our
family's needs or achieve our dreams. WMHA is here to help you!

Who Are We?

The West Michigan Housing Alliance provides necessary services that improve access to quality housing for very low, low income, and rural West Michigan residents.

We accomplish this by:

  • Promoting the building and improvement of housing by raising awareness of needs, benefits and opportunities
  • Providing education and informational resources to facilitate home ownership including credit counseling, finance education, etc.
  • Assisting families toward participating in two USDA housing programs: 502 Direct Loan Program and 538 Guaranteed Rural Rental Housing Loan Program.
  • Cultivating numerous other activities that contribute toward the betterment of housing conditions for low-income or rural residents of West Michigan.

credit improvement

We will guide you toward a strong
credit score, giving you access to
better loans, terms and fees.

mortgage readiness

We assess all aspects of your financial
and employment circumstances to
assure you are ready to apply to a
mortgage successfully.

growing needs

Demand for quality low income,
rural and elderly housing is
growing significantly.

Contact Us

P. + 616 667 7086
F. + 616 775 5906